Girls' Jeans

Girls' jeans are a staple of every little ones' wardrobe

Girls' jeans are the perfect clothing for kids of all ages. Hard-wearing, well-made denim jeans last ages so you won't have to fork out for new jeans till the kids have grown. You'll find sizes to fit toddlers to pre-teens, so no matter how old your girls are, there's bound to be something they like. Skinny, slim and ripped jeans are available, and there's a choice of different denim colours to suit different girls too.

When buying denim for your girls keep an eye out for things like pockets. Real pockets are handy for storing phones and keys, but skinny jeans or jeggings often have imitation pockets. If your girls are interested in fashion then Country Road, GUESS, and Ralph Lauren girls jeans are a cracking choice

Styles of girls' jeans

One of the most popular styles is skinny jeans. There's some variation on styles, and you can find super-skinny and flared jeans too. Fashion-conscious girls might want to try a pair of ripped or high-rise jeans. High rise jeans sit on the waist and don't slip down easily, while ripped denim gives an edgy look that older girls may like.

Girls might also like jeans with embellishments, such as embroidery or zips. Like ripped jeans, zips are a little edgier and a little less girly. For girls who like pretty clothes, perhaps choose a pair with floral embroidery.

Colours of girls' jeans

You can find jeans in lots of colours. Most denim is blue, ranging from a dark blue-black to a very light blue that is almost white, ensuring you can find a pair to suit any girls' top.

Acid wash denim jeans are light blue in colour and look great with white singlets. These colour jeans are ideal for summer or hanging out at the beach. If your girls like darker clothes, black or indigo jeans are a classic choice and go with everything, perfect if your girls are off out with their mates.