Beautiful mermaid costumes for girls

It’s no secret that girls love mermaids – the swishy tails, the colourful hair, even the shiny scales! Of course, it’s not just the actual mermaids that girls (both little and big alike) love. It is that mermaids make an excellent costume choice, with sparkly, flowing designs in bright colours which are perfect for any occasion requiring dressing up. There’s never a bad event for mermaids – just ask any girl!

There are mermaid costumes for girls of all ages, from young babies right through to young adults. A range of sizes are available, with mermaid outfits ranging from understated dresses with calming, underwater-style colouring to bolder, brighter styles, such as two-piece top and tails with matching wigs.

Mermaid costumes – the versatile choice

If you are stuck for costume ideas for the young lady in your life, be sure to consider a mermaid option. Mermaid ensembles are super versatile, providing a full outfit option for your event or party.

The good thing about mermaid clothing is that there are number of choices when it comes to deciding on the style or look that suits you. Depending on your preference, you might decide to go with a one-piece dress which incorporates the tail, or it may be that you prefer a two or three-piece option, where the top is separate from the tail and is accessorised with great headwear, like a colourful wig, girl’s headband or even a tiara. This expands your dress up options, allowing the components of the mermaid suit to be mixed and matched with other items to create new, exciting outfits – a whole new look!

Mermaid costumes, with their eye-catching designs and dazzling colours, make for a fantastic gift idea because what young girl doesn’t love dressing up! If you are stuck on gift ideas, mermaid outfits are always going to make a brilliant option.

Costumes for parties

From Halloween to fancy dress and theme and birthday parties, mermaid costumes suit every event. So many popular stories and tales from childhood involve mermaids – mermaids are so easily recognisable even if you aren’t going as a particular character. For this reason, a mermaid suit makes a great option for book week. From childcare to kindergarten and primary school, there seems to be a never ending need to think up and organise costumes to match a book or story.

You can find plenty of mermaid costumes for girls here on eBay, perfect for young ladies who enjoy dressing up. Dressing up is so much fun, you don’t even need a special reason. Check out eBay’s range and be sure to keep a mermaid costume on hand in the dress up box for any occasion. Your little lady might just decide to make an entrance at something as routine as Tuesday night dinner, dusting off her gorgeous mermaid tail and wig to make a real splash as you serve up the mashed potato!

Key components to complete your outfit

Everyone knows to make a great mermaid you need a statement tail. eBay’s range includes standout tails, with stunning flared fins or a more-subdued, all-in-one tail option. In addition to the tail, mermaid costumes should have:

  • A top: The top may be a bikini-style tie top, either worn as a separate item or incorporated into the rest of the outfit and identified by a different colour or type of material
  • A wig: A colourful wig is a must have for every mergirl. Popular options include multicoloured rainbow or bright red (think Ariel)

You really can’t over-accessorise a mermaid outfit. Other additions which can really make the look include tiaras, special wands, and gorgeous children’s jewellery.

Make a splash

Mermaid costumes come in a range of styles and designs. They are often made from polyester and accentuated with taffeta or organza, which adds to the underwater look. The good news is there is some give in the material, so your little mermaid can be comfortable running and jumping as they play with their friends or partake in party games.

Another good thing about mermaid suits is that there is just such a huge range available to choose from. So even if your little person gets to their event and finds another mermaid (or three), it’s highly unlikely they will find their friend wearing the same clothes as them.

So, if your child has a party or event coming up – or even if they don’t, and you just want to be prepared – be sure to check out eBay’s huge range of mermaid costumes for girls. There’s sure to be something to catch her eye!