Girls Coats and Jackets

It's more than just a way to stay warm, girl's coats and jackets are a stylish way to make your little one even cuter, or tougher, or whatever personality she wants to express. When her coat doesn't look like every other girl's coat in the class, can feel distinctive and special, more like her authentic self.

Stay Warm

Fleece-lined coats are great for cold weather. As your little one heads out for the day, keep her warm from her head to her toes. Choose the length of the coat based on your child's personal likes. Some like for the garment to rest at waist length, while others like the longer lengths that come down to her knees. Another point to consider is whether or not she wants to have a hood attached, removable, or not existing. A hood might not be preferable to a cute scarf or hat.

Dress Up an Outfit

The quickest way to spruce up an outfit is with a cute, light-weight girls' denim jacket. It's ideal for those chilly mornings when a heavier one would be too warm. Denim is a good fabric for adding decals and badges for an individual look.

Leather isn't Just for Bikers

You don't have to drive a Harley-Davidson or even be old enough to drive one to enjoy wearing girls' leather coats and jackets. There is nothing more adorable than your little sweetie in a leather jacket.

Solid or Printed

Some little girls want something that pops and expresses her personality, don't always settle for a solid colour, non-decorative coat. Glam it up with a beautifully printed design. Flowers, polka-dot, or her favourite cartoon character gives girls' jackets a unique look. If she loves princesses, make her feel like one with a jacket that features them loud and proud.