Girls Pants

Every girl needs a good pair of pants, quite a few pairs, in fact. Although many young girls love to wear dresses, they need to wear some form of pants during their young life, whether it is for sports, keeping warm or lounging around the house.


Leggings are super comfortable and can work well with a variety of outfits. Girls' leggings can work under long T-shirts, singlets or tops and also under short dresses. You can purchase leggings in so many different colours and patterns including polka dots, stripes, floral and paisley. Shiny metallic colour leggings certainly stand out mermaid lovers will enjoy wearing fish scale leggings. Leggings are also very useful for your child to wear for sport or exercise classes and for extra warmth in winter; you can try extra fleece models.


Jeans are a wardrobe staple for everyone, and that includes our little princesses. Girls jeans and girls' denim pants are so versatile because you can dress them up or down for all different occasions. Similar to adults, girl’s jeans come in different washes ranging from faded to dark blue as well as colours such as white, black, pink or green. Girls can wear jeans with singlets, blouses and tops and various accessories, belts and shoes to create gorgeous looks.

Winter Pants

For the winter months, having comfortable and warm clothing is essential. Girls' fleece pants and track pants are perfect for keeping little angels toasty and cosy whether at home or out and about. If you prefer to have jeans, you can find jeans with a fleece lining that will keep legs nice and warm while still looking good.

Harem Pants

Harem pants have become a trend for both adults and children as they are comfortable, baggy and girls can wear them with different tops and accessories. Girls can wear harem pants around the house, for visiting friends or to dance classes. Their fabric is light and airy and are perfect for warmer days.