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Keep your little ones comfortable at night with some comforting girls' sleepwear

Getting the kids to bed isn't always the easiest task, but some fun girls' sleepwear will ensure they'll be excited for bedtime. With a huge choice including different sizes, styles, and types of girls' nightwear, there is something to appeal to girls of all ages and tastes.

Types of girls' sleepwear

There's a great selection of girls' pyjamas available, including shorts and singlet sets, pyjama pants and button-up pyjamas too. For winter, a cosy pair of long-sleeved pyjamas will keep your kids nice and warm. Look out for materials such as flannel which is warm yet breathable, or lightweight cotton for the summer months.

When the weather is hot, a girls' nightdress is ideal, as the looser fit will allow air to circulate and keep them cool. Go for a sleeveless option if your girls prefer to move their arms freely, but there's a good selection of nightdresses with sleeves too.


Robes are great for keeping cosy or to put on when you're getting the kids settled for bed. Some of the robes available have hoods, which provides extra warmth and is cracking for stopping the kids getting cold after a bath. Some of the robes have a character on the body of the robe and a face on the hood, so when the hood is pulled up it looks very sweet, and is perfect for transforming your little one into a furry animal.

Designs and sizes

Girls' sleepwear comes in lots of different designs, with lots of colours, patterns and even characters from their favourite Disney or kids' films. You can find everything from "Moana" to "Finding Nemo", "Minnie Mouse" to "Trolls". For older girls, or those who are past the Disney princess stage, you can even find "Star Wars" pyjamas. Sizes range from 1 to 12, so there's sleepwear to suit girls of all ages.