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Girls' Socks and Tights

Dressing up your daughter might be both fun and bothersome, depending on how she reacts. If you want the daily dressing routine to go faster and with fewer tears or moping, plan each detail carefully. Acquire an array of beautiful dresses, and stock up with socks and tights that feel comfortable and also look great.


Children have more tender skin than yours, so they feel if something is out of place. Therefore, you need to pick the material carefully and avoid ones that are itchy or tickling. Children are more prone to allergies due to their still developing immune system, so avoid synthetic materials and opt for bamboo or cotton socks and tights for girls. Cotton is breathable and thus a great option because you never know when your baby girl gets tired and falls asleep in the same clothes. However, for fancier occasions, have a pair of velvet socks or tights for girls ready, so your little one can look classy.


Children's socks should be fun and entertaining, not just functional. The prettier the design, the more likely your baby girl is going to wear them. Pick a pair of girls' socks with her favourite Disney princess or another cartoon character, or buy cute pink girls' tights with butterfly and flower prints. However, note that you should order more than one pair with favourite characters or other designs. Children tend to bond strongly with their favourite pair, so they may wear out quickly.


Choose the socks and tights according to the season and the weather outside. Keep the fleece socks for cold winter days, and get out a pair of nice-looking bamboo socks in summer. The same goes for tights: opt for the woolen ones for the winter and lighter ones for the summer. Remember, the softer the socks or tights feel when you touch them, the warmer they are.


Picking the right size socks and tights ensures that they are comfortable to wear. Thanks to their elastic material, both socks and tights stretch a bit, but this too has its limit. The sizes on the packages are generally in tiers like 0-6 months or 1-2 years old. From there on, you need to follow children's shoe sizes until size 13, and then you use adult sizes. Most girls start wearing women's socks around the age of 10.