Girls' Purses & Wallets

Every girl needs a place to put her money, and it would be perfect if that place can double up as a fashion accessory as well. There's a style for every girl, for every age, and for every occasion available. Whether for international travel, a quick trip to the shops, or out to dinner, you can find a purse that will securely hold your belongings while also making a fashion statement.


For those who need a place to keep their money and cards but still want to use their favourite purse, wallets are the ideal choice. Besides a veritable rainbow of colours and patterns to choose from, you can also find the right size wallet for your needs, from tiny coin purses to large billfolds.

Denim purses

Durable and cute, denim purses and wallets for girls are an ideal choice for young girls making their first foray in handbag fashion. Purses and wallets made out of denim allow for a variety of decoration, from sparkling, bedazzled designs to sewn-on patches, from plain blue denim to intricate embroidered flowers. Since it's a tough material, a denim bag will survive road trips and vacations and still be able to act as an everyday school bag.

Rubber purses

Looking for something that won't tear or distress? Rubber purses and wallets for girls are versatile and useful accessories. Due to its material, these purses are easily washable, a valuable asset for the girl who's on the go. Depending on the shape of the bag, these rubber purses can not only store cash, coins, and cards, but also glasses, earbuds, keys, or makeup.


A purse alone does not an outfit make; you need multiple pieces in order to have a fashionable ensemble. Utilize other girl's accessories, including shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and girl's hair accessories, to enhance a boring everyday outfit. A hair bow, necklace, or cute beret can be the much-needed finishing touch that will complete your look.