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Parisian Luxury From Givenchy

Since being founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy, the brand has risen to the top of the fashion world. Known for haute couture clothing, lavish bags and accessories, luxurious cosmetics and enchanting perfumes, Givenchy is a much sought-after label throughout the world.

Parisian luxury for Australians

There is a sense of elegance you get when looking at Givenchy products. It's no secret that Paris is one of the global hotspots for luxurious fashion design, and Givenchy is right up there with the best. With Givenchy, you're getting a full range of men's and women's clothing, but also the indulgence of their finely crafted, Parisian designed handbags and accessories.

You'll also find cosmetics and a whole host of health and beauty products to make you feel a million dollars. Thanks to Givenchy, you don't need to be in Europe to live your life with a European style and flair.

Givenchy clothing and shoes

The name Givenchy has become synonymous with high fashion, in both the men's and women's market. From basic logo t-shorts through to elegant evening dresses, you'll find something for all occasions in the Givenchy range. When you're wearing Givenchy products, people are bound to take notice. It's a brand that commands attention, and their unique, fashion-forward designs are always eye-catching.

If its shoes you're looking for, you certainly won't be disappointed with Givenchy's range. These items are the height of Parisian luxury, fresh off the runways of famous fashion shows and into your wardrobe. If you're all about dressing to impress, can you afford not to check out some Givenchy fashion?

Bags and accessories for all occasions

One of the most well-known and popular products in the Givenchy collection are the exquisite handbags, purses and clutches on offer. For those elegant evening events where you don't want to draw attention away from your dress, the selection of clutches and smaller messenger bags will be right up your alley. The fine Parisian designs mixed with expert craftsmanship and high-end materials make these bags something special.

If you're looking for a larger bag for more everyday occasions, you'll also find something you love in the Givenchy range. From sleek shoulder bags to larger handbags complete with the signature "Four G's' Givenchy logo, you can't go wrong. Not only will you look great, but you'll know you've invested in the highest quality bag you can find.

Givenchy perfumes and cologne

Everybody loves having a selection of different fragrances to choose from, and with Givenchy you have plenty of options. For the men, choose from iconic perfumes such as the Blue Label or Gentlemen Only collections. If you want sophistication in a cologne, you're getting that and more with Givenchy. The women's range of perfumes is equally impressive, with titles such as Xeryous Rouge, Hot Couture and Organza just waiting to dazzle your senses.

Take a browse through the wide selection of perfumes available here on eBay. With so much to choose from, you may not be able to keep yourself to just one!

Givenchy health and beauty

Givenchy's cosmetics range is known all over the world for its innovative colours, shades and products. Whether you're looking for enticing lip makeup or delicate foundation that you barely know is there, Givenchy have it all.