Glass Candle Holder and Accessories

Candles are usually only as good as the holder they sit upon, as pairing your favourite one with the right candle holder or accessory will help it to burn safely and stylishly. With so many different styles of candles including tealights, sticks, and votives, there are just as many glass holders to suit, so it’s all a matter of choosing one that will help your candle shine.

The Types of Candle Holders

There are many different styles of glass candle accessories and holders to suit your decor, the candles within, and their purpose. Candle holders can be simple in design, letting the candle steal the spotlight, or they can be colourful and decorative. Warmers and burners are used for essential oils and other scented candles, there are plates and trays to sit your candles and votives on, and hurricane candle holders which protect the candlelight with a glass dome. Most candle holders serve two purposes, assisting the candle to burn and presenting it in a stylish way, so all you need to do is find the right one to suit your needs.