Glass Grinder Glass Art Crafts

In arts and crafts, glass grinders make precise alterations to the forms of glass, stone and ceramics. You use glass grinders on glass after the material has an approximate shape that other tools managed to render. Glass grinders can perform a vast array of sculpturing functions, grinding fillets, bevels, planes and curves onto many different materials. The price and size of your grinder will depend upon three factors: the specifics of the project, type of bit and preferred grinding speed. Some of the most popular glass grinders for arts and crafts are Glastar or Inland products.


With the help of a glass grinder, form shaping and alteration becomes a significantly more precise process. Featuring a diamond tipped bit, glass grinders can easily remove excess glass and ready the material for adhering copper foil. Although glass grinders are commonly for lamp work and door edging, precise shaping is a benefit that only hobbyists can truly appreciate. Moreover, a high precision glass grinder will reduce glass wastage and help save your glass art supplies for further projects. Whether it’s creating a glass bottle cutter or shaping base into your canvas for glass paints, glass grinders can take your art and craft to new levels of detail.


The type of arts and crafts projects that use glass can range from large sculpturing projects to small-scale stained glass jobs. With a range of shaping functions, stock glass grinders are suitable for most arts and crafts projects. You can easily change the main function of your glass grinder by swapping attachments. Moreover, if you need to perform a more difficult alteration, such as drilling holes, shaping jagged edges or smoothing texture, your glass grinder can easily upgrade through specialty attachments, simplifying your project and improving the final product.

Safety Standards

With simple instructions and built-in safety features, glass grinders are one of the safest types of grinders available. Take advantage of the in-built safety guard to prevent dust particles from irritating your skin and eyes. Your glass grinder will also feature a sturdy water tray, which will reduce the splash of glass residue and increase the lifetime of your bit.


Because they’re not easy to source, glass grinders take a very long time to noticeably depreciate. Therefore, with due care and semi-regular use, glass grinders will last for many years, ensuring that your only extra cost is the occasional bit replacement.