Glass Jewellery Making Craft Beads

Glass Craft Beads

For the home hobbyist or professional jewellery maker, there are now more options than ever for the types of glass craft beads you can work with. Craft beads include many varieties, such as seeds, antiqued, faceted, and lampwork, and there’s a style and colour to suit every design you could possibly want to make.

Seed Beads

While many also know these as rocailles, these small beads range in size from one millimetre to a few. With a small but uniform shape, they’re ideal for looming, bead weaving, and jewellery making. These beads are usually quite affordable and the most basic of glass craft beads in terms of design, so theyre a great place to start.

Antique Beads

Glass antique craft beads are a complex group of their own and people use them for both collecting and crafting. Antique beads come with a high attention to detail and feature minute specifics, thanks to the variety of techniques people use to create them. To classify as an antique bead, one should be at least 100 years old; otherwise, anything older than 30 years but less than antique is a vintage bead.

Faceted Beads

The price range of faceted beads can differ, mainly depending on which of the two types you want: glass faceted craft beads or fire-polished faceted beads. A glass faceted bead features specific and delicate designs, which lend to its unique shape. However, where these were once manmade beads, it’s become more common for manufacturers to create them via machine.

Lampwork Beads

A lampwork bead gets its name from the glasswork one uses to create it, something one can only do when its in a molten state. These artisan glass craft beads are generally more expensive. However, they are finely made and look exquisite when you weave them into jewellery for a statement piece.