Get Classy Nails With A Glass Nail File

Glass nail files, also known as crystal nail files, are top of the range when it comes to hand care. If you want the best for your nails, you’re in the right place. eBay has plenty of variety for glass crystal nail files.

What you need to know about glass nail files

Taking care of your hands and nails is imperative – after all, your hands are one of the parts of the body that you use the most. That also means they are prone to natural wear – which is only more reason to take care of them and give them a little pampering. Whether you’re simply tidying up your nails after letting them grow out, they’ve been damaged during work or other activities, or they simply need a tidy up. A quality nail file can make all the difference.

Crystal nail files are chemically treated, tempered glass – so the file itself is basically heated until it is strong and smooth. When you’re holding onto it, it actually feels more like a piece of plastic.

Compared to a sandpaper nail file, glass nail files are a lot less rough. They still have the grit that emery boards have, but they’ve been firmly sanded so you can barely notice them – until you use them on your nails and then you’ll notice a big difference. Since the grit is so tiny, with glass files you’re able to give your nails a much cleaner finish, rather than the jagged edges your emery board gives. This makes them ideal for people who have just had a manicure, as it doesn’t impact the look.

Options online

If you’re looking for crystal nail files online, you can shop easily on eBay. There are plenty of sizes, colours and price options to choose from and you can find both local and international products, for a great price. You can shop for files only, or check out other nail care options, including nail buffers.