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Glass pool fences are great for your outdoor area. They help to ensure the safety of your pool, without interrupting the visual flow of your backyard. Normal pool fences can be an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful garden, so opting for glass can offer the ideal alternative. So, what should you think about when installing glass pool fencing?

Planning your Glass Pool Fence

First, make sure that you have a suitable plan in place. Look up your local council regulations to see what conditions your fence will have to meet, and then plan your frameless glass pool fencing accordingly. Once you have planned out a suitable layout, you can start preparing the site.

Installing the Posts

Your frameless glass pool fencing will need some sturdy posts in place to hold it up. To install the posts, dig holes for each one, then pour some concrete around them. For aesthetics, you can put pavers or other coverings above the concrete once it is dry.

Many glass pool fence posts will need to be screwed into the base you have just laid. You can do this with a hammer drill. Apply some chemical anchor into the holes, then screw in the fence attachment with some anchor studs. Tighten these up with a socket wrench and then put a base cover over each post.

Fitting the Glass Panels

Once you have installed each of the mini posts, you can get to work putting in the glass. Glass gripping gloves will make this job much easier. As you place the panels in each slot, make sure the rubber insert is raised, then secure the panels in place by using an Allen key to tighten up the clamp on the post. Once you have done each panel, check that it is level. Repeat the process for each one until your pool fence is sturdy and safe.

Think you're up to the task? Check out eBay's fantastic range of pool fencing to find standard pool fences and glass pool fences, as well as other pool essentials such as pool covers and rollers.

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