Glass Tea Cup & Saucer Sets

Glass Tea Cup and Saucer Sets

Serving your tea and coffee from dedicated tea cups and saucers transforms any tea drinking event into something more refined by adding a touch of elegance. Tea cups can come in various colourful designs, but glass dinnerware is something even more exceptional. They are transparent, so it becomes instantly clear what kind of tea you are serving, be it either red, green or classic black. Glass tea cup and saucer sets are something every tea enthusiast should have in their collection to wow their guests, especially in the summer when these sets create a nice, light mood.


Glass tea cup and saucer sets could be quite simple and understated if you aim for a modest look. However, as glass can take almost any shape, you may encounter some complex designs as well. Glass responds well to ripples, frills and other decorative elements. Moreover, you should consider whether you want ordinary cups with a handle or tea cups that look more like drinking glasses. The latter typically have double walls that keep the tea hot while staying cool to touch, so you can easily grasp the cup without burning your hand.

Cup Sizes

You should base your glass tea cup size choice on your needs and habits. If you like to drink a lot of tea at once, choose bigger cups and smaller cups for less. In addition, you should also consider the size of your table where you will be serving the tea. If the table is really tiny, the big cups might not even fit on there with all the other dinnerware and food. Moreover, big cups can look out of place on a too-small a table.


The size of your tea cup and saucer set depends on how avid a tea drinker you are and how many people you host. Tea sets for two or four people are quite common. When choosing a set, pay attention to its other components as well. Besides a cup and glass saucer, a matching milk jug, sugar bowl and teapot are great additions.

Cleaning Glassware

The transparency of glass cups is both their virtue and deficiency. The glassware only looks beautiful if you clean it properly, and unlike regular tea cups, these glass cups are less forgiving. If there are any stains, they are instantly visible, as there is no place to hide. You can clean cloudy glasses by rubbing them with white toothpaste, which is a mild abrasive, or with white vinegar. Adding the vinegar to your washing up bowl is also a great way to prevent the cloudiness.