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Glass Tea Kettles

Forego a traditional tea kettle in favour of a glass kettle that brews a perfect pot of tea every single time. As an electric kettle filled with features, glass teapots offer a modern twist on a classic kitchen appliance. Not only is it inviting to watch your tea steep in this clear electric teapot, but a glass kettle can do things that other tea kettles can't, such as minimise the risk of transfer from previously used tea types, which is a common downfall of regular kettles made from materials such as ceramic or clay.

What Are Some Glass Tea Kettle Styles?

Along with its practical benefits, a glass tea kettle comes in a variety of distinct and elegant designs and in a variety of styles that offer distinctive features and options for crafting home-brewed tea. There are corded as well as cordless options, in addition to tea kettles that whistle when water is hot, just like a classic design does. Choose a kettle made of BPA-free materials for added safety, and some have stainless-steel accents that provide durability and style. If you choose a cordless model, opt for a kettle with cord storage for protection and safety as well as convenience when pouring hot tea.

What Are Some Glass Tea Kettle Brands?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a glass tea kettle, and though price, features and type are all important, you may want to consider which tea kettle brand is best. Sort through brands according to the features that are most important to you as well as to your budget. Some well-known manufacturers of tea kettles and other kitchen appliances include Breville, which offers a high-end line of glass kettles with futuristic features, and KitchenAid. Other brands to keep in mind include Sunbeam and Kambrook.

What Are Some Features of Glass Tea Kettles?

Unlike regular tea kettles that simply boil water for steeping tea, modern glass kettles offer state-of-the-art benefits and perks, like a smart kettle that you can programme as well as set a variety of temperature controls. As you sip your cup, make sure the tea in the kettle stays warm with a function that keeps the kettle hot or choose a kettle with LED indicators that lets you know when your tea is ready to drink.

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