We all know that feeling. You take out your reading glasses and find that you can barely see through them. While using your shirt, your tie, or a tissue might seem handy, but these definitely aren't a suitable method for cleaning lenses.

Modern high-performance lens coatings have made lens care easier as they are extremely durable against scratches and actually repel dirt. That means that your lenses will usually remain cleaner for longer, as well as making them significantly easier to clean. You’ll be able to see better, and look better for longer, but no one can get away with not cleaning their glasses at least occasionally.

Lens Cleaning Types

Lens cleaning wipes are an excellent method to quickly and efficiently wipe off your lenses, whereas using a microfibre cloth and lens cleaning spray also cleans your lenses correctly without any residue. So either way is both good for you and good for your glasses.

Lens Cleaning Wipes

Pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes are gentle on lenses, while ensuring streak-free results, and are even just as quick to use as your sleeve. They are very fine in structure and are pre-moistened with the correct cleaning agents so that the lenses aren't damaged by the more aggressive cleaning products.

Micro Fibre Cloths & Solutions

Using a microfibre cloth in combination with a lens cleaning spray is often the best way to gently and thoroughly clean your lenses. This method is actually just as efficient as a cleaning them properly with running water and a pH-neutral cleaning agent.

There are plenty of cloths, sprays, and solutions are available from eBay that are designed specifically for cleaning glasses. Each come with their own instructions, but as a general rule you should always make sure that your hands are clean first. And keeping them in a glasses case is going to help them remain clean longer.