Accentuate your eyes with glasses frames

There's a plethora of eyewear on the market, whether you're looking for a classic or modern style, but finding the right shape, size and lens type for your eyes and face can be a bit of a headache. On eBay, you can browse everything from unbranded glasses frames to all the major brands, for men and women in a broad range of on-trend styles.

Ray-Ban glasses

Nothing says pure class better than a pair of authentic Ray-Ban eyeglasses. You can get the too cool for school look without actually requiring vision care when you pick up a pair of carbon fibre Ray-Ban glasses. These classy models come with plastic lenses, so you can wear them anytime without the risk of breaking any glass. If your eyesight is perfect but you yearn for some fashion eye furniture, Ray-Ban plastic lens glasses tick the right box.

Emporio Armani eyeglasses

Whether you wear spectacles for reading, writing, watching TV, or simply in the name of fashion, Emporio Armani glasses give a smart and sophisticated look. The Emporio Armani EA eyeglasses have timeless tortoiseshell frames accompanied by a handy carry case with a lens cloth. The glasses come with demo lenses, but you can have them replaced with prescription lenses authorised at the optometrists. Simply take your new glasses to Specsavers or an optician to ensure you get the right lenses.

Clip-on sunglass frames

Keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses neat and tidy when you choose a pair of glasses with clip-on polarized lenses. You'll be able to keep them together in one case, which is a space saver and means they're less likely to get lost or separated. Globe Glasses stock a pair with solid black glasses frames that you simply attached the polarized lenses on to when the sun comes out. An ideal companion when travelling, driving, or competing in outdoor sports.

Accentuate your eyes, cheekbones and jawline when you choose a pair of glasses frames on eBay.