Straps and Cords for Glasses

Never search for your eyeglasses again with glasses straps and cords to keep your eyewear in place. They come in a variety of styles to be a fashion accessory as well as enhancing your vision care. With these cords and straps, your glasses won't fall to get damaged.


Choose from a variety of materials for style or comfort. rubber glasses straps and cords offer flexibility and stretch, and they are not as delicate as other materials. On the other hand, plastic galsses straps and cords offer easy care because they can simply wipe clean from sweat, dust and dirt. Woven material adds a stylish touch while chains have a modern appeal.


Choose a dark colour like black or brown for the glasses straps and cords that will blend in with your clothing or white which is almost transparent for a lower key statement. If you want to treat these straps and cords as a fashion accessory, you can go bold with blue, red or even multi-coloured.


For an even more stylish look, check out the straps and cords with special accents like beads. Find beads in any colour and size or select pearls and crystals to complement an outfit. The patterns and colours are so diverse you may want to buy one for every outfit.

Straps and Cords for Everyone

Some of the straps and cords are designed for women with fancy bling and sophisticated designs. Others are unisex.. They may come in bold colours or simple black to go with every look. Because they come in various lengths, they can fit people of all ages who have to wear glasses. In fact, they are so stylish, you may want to wear one just to look good.