Kitchen, Dining and Bar Glassware

The right kind of glassware make serving your favourite drinks a pleasure no matter the occasion. From everyday pint glasses to delicate crystal wine glasses, the sheer number of options available out there can make shopping for glassware a difficult process. To find the perfect pieces, start by considering both the type of drink you intend to use the glassware for as well as the occasion.

Wine Glasses

The correct type of wine glass can enhance the taste of the drink by bringing forward its flavours. Whether you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or you're a connoisseur, the type of glass you choose can elevate the entire experience. Wine glass shapes vary according to the type of wine. Red wine glasses are generally larger with an extended stem and round bulb, whereas white wine ones are smaller and feature a narrow mouth to help minimise oxidation. For champagne, opt for a classic shape of flute that helps preserve the bubbles.

Cocktail Glasses

Choose the right type of cocktail glasses according to your favoured mixes. For long cocktails, go for high balls that can contain multiple ingredients while being an ideal size for ice. If you want to serve alcohol on the rocks or are looking for simply mixing two ingredients, flat bottomed-tumblers are a good choice. Another type iconic option is Martini glasses, which feature a long stem and an inverted cone bowl that allows you to enjoy the flavour of the drink to the fullest.

Spirit Glasses

Just like with other types of drinks, spirit glasses vary in shape and size depending on the type of drink you intend to serve. Shot glasses are essential for measuring spirits with a high alcohol content for cocktails and mixers, or simply for enjoying on their own. Brandy glasses feature a short stem and narrow top that does a good job at trapping the aroma inside.