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Gliga String Instruments

The Gliga Group is a Romanian family-run business that specialises in making stringed instruments. Starting with just two violins a year in the 1990s, the company has expanded to making thousands of string instruments a month. While it is difficult for a relative newcomer to make a name for itself, Gliga has succeeded. Using special spruce and maple wood, especially flamed maple, from the nearby Transylvanian forests, the Gliga factory handcrafts violins, violas, cellos and double-basses that expert players have praised. Gliga classifies its instruments based on size and the skill of the player.

Beginner Instruments

While still made with care, beginner string instruments often use less expensive woods and may be designed to be more forgiving to beginners. Gliga beginner instruments are the 'Genial' models, which the company sells as 'school' instruments. Like most beginner models, the Genial line features a sprayed on nitro varnish finish. In addition, the company offers these violins with maple fittings. They are labelled 'Gloria'.

Student Instruments

Student and intermediate string instruments often use better materials as compared to their beginner counterparts. They may also require more skill to play and be less forgiving of beginner mistakes. Gliga's 'Gems' instruments are the company's student and intermediate models. Models with maple fittings may be sold as 'Gloria' or 'Genova' versions. These models have an oil varnish finish.

Advanced Instruments

Advanced string instruments are typically made of the highest quality materials to the highest standards. In the hands of a professional, they can produce complex and pleasant tones. The 'Gama' line is Gliga's range of advanced string instruments. They are made for performers, teachers or advanced students. In addition, the company also sells a few 'Maestro' instruments designed for the masters.

Sizes and Extras

Gliga crafts instruments in sizes from those suitable for children who are just learning to play to those made for larger adult hands. In addition, buyers can opt for violins in different colours and patterns. Lastly, left-handed players can find left-handed versions with the soundpost, bass bar, bridge and pegs reversed. These are typically more expensive than standard right-handed versions.

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