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Global Cutlery Sharpeners

Even the best of knives made with the strongest of metals are not immune to the wear and tear of regular use. All knives lose their edge over time, and blunt knives can often be more dangerous than sharp ones as blunt knives may not be able to cut through tougher items like vegetables and fruits, but they may still be enough to cut you if the knife slips. Use Global ceramic sharpeners and other models to keep your knives sharp and maintain a pleasant and safe kitchen experience .


Whetstones and sharpening rods are basic tools for knife sharpening. Global stone sharpeners are simple to use. Each whetstone has two sides, one with coarser grit for rougher sharpening and the other side a finer grit for finishing off the job. Before sharpening your knife with a Global whetstone, it is highly recommended to soak the stone in water for a few minutes. Global whetstones are made with top quality ceramics and come packaged with a non-slip rubber base for easier and safer use.

Sharpening Rods

Between uses of whetstones, Global suggests the use of a sharpening rod to help maintain a knife’s sharpness. Keep in mind that sharpening rods do not require soaking prior to use. Just a few quick swipes with your knife along the rod gives it the extra edge necessary to make your kitchen experience safer and more enjoyable.

Global MinoSharp Series

The Global MinoSharp series further simplifies the knife sharpening process through creative innovation. These products feature ceramic wheels of different git levels lined up in a neat row within the tool. Instead of having to worry about the angle between the knife and a whetstone, the Global MinoSharp only requires you to run your knife through the slits and between the ceramic wheels to end up with a sharper blade. This means an easier time maintaining your knives on a weekly basis.

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