Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Kitchen knives are more than an investment - in addition to doing a better job of cutting, dicing or slicing food, they also allow you to work faster, safer and easier. Used by the world's best chefs, a Global Knives set ensures you always have the right blade for the right task.

A range of kitchen knives at your disposal allows you to be prepared for assorted cooking tasks when they arise. Don't opt for just the one-style-fits-all; you need a different knife for different applications. From the paring knife to the bread knife, utility knife or carving knife - it's important that you use the correct one. If you are having trouble distinguishing the blades, this quick tutorial can help:

Types of Global knives

There are many Global knives to suit your food prep requirements:

Global Knives' Chef's Knife allows you to slice, dice and chop with ease. The Utility Knife is used to slice or core large fruits and vegetables - it can also be used to trim excess fat from meat. The Paring Knife is helpful in cutting small fruits and vegetables. The Bird's Beak Paring Knife is shaped like its name as it allows the blade to closely come into contact with the surface of the food - use this for garnishing.

The Boning Knife is a great blade to use when breaking down a whole chicken, or splitting pork or lamb chops. The Bread Knife lends its corrugated blade to slice meats, seafood, breads and cake. The Butcher Knife is ideal for trimming larger cuts of meat, and tough fruits like melon and pineapple. The Carving Knife is able to make thin and even slices of white meat or ham. As the name suggests, the Cheese Knife is used to cut a variety of cheeses, and its rounded tip is designed to spread soft cheese.

A Global knife can make all the difference to your food prep - shop online on eBay today for quality kitchen knives. Don't forget to keep your blades sharp with cutlery sharpeners for the ultimate experience in home cooking.

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