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Cut like a Samurai with GLOBAL Knives

For anyone serious about having quality knives in their kitchen, GLOBAL kitchen knives are a brand at the forefront of cooking products and design. Using the same methods used for thousands of years by Japanese swordsmiths, GLOBAL Knives are constructed from the highest quality materials available and incredible modern design concepts. Not only a staple utensil in homes across the world but also used by leading chefs in the best professional restaurant kitchens on the planet.

GLOBAL Knives blades are designed to hold a razor-sharp edge for long periods and are stain and rust-resistant. Perfectly balanced using the same techniques used to create blades used by the Samurai, GLOBAL Knives delivers a series of precision kitchen knives which appeal to both professional and amateur chefs.

Razor-sharp ice-tempered hardened stainless steel knives

GLOBAL knives are crafted from specially developed CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, which holds a razor-sharp edge and resists corrosion, stains and rust. Hardened and ice tempered each GLOBAL Kitchen knife is perfectly weighted for optimum balance and impeccable performance. GLOBAL knives feature beautiful design features that are also very practical. From smooth contours to a seamless construction, the design assists in eliminating food build-up on the blades. This offers the ultimate solution for hygiene and food safety. GLOBAL knives feature a unique 15-degree angle cutting edge which delivers precision cutting performance and exceptional edge retention.

Keeping your GLOBAL knives in peak condition

Every great knife needs excellent protection. When it comes to sharpening, there are a few easy tips and tricks to keep your GLOBAL knives at the top of their game. GLOBAL knives recommend using GLOBAL knife blocks, and each knife in their range has a specific recommendation for sharpeners. GLOBAL sharpening tools offer sharpening tools like ceramic water sharpeners, guide rails, replacement wheels, straightening stones, sharpening steels, and whetstones to ensure your knives are kept in pristine condition.

Knife blocks and complete knife block and knife sets

To effectively protect and store your GLOBAL knives, there is an excellent selection of knife blocks available. Knife blocks are a simple, practical and stylish way to store your high-quality knives. With a variety of knife blocks ranging in materials from steel, maple, walnut, ash, bamboo, and ceramic, there is a style that suits every kitchen. With magnetic options available, you can store your knives safely on a wall or inside a cupboard or storage unit. GLOBAL knives have a selection of knife blocks, and knife block sets available in a range of their Japanese inspired styles.

GLOBAL knives accessories

GLOBAL knives offer a selection of great accessories on eBay. From high-quality maple and walnut cutting boards to kitchen tools like fish bone tweezers, kitchen shears, tongs, and spatulas, there is an accessory available for a range of kitchen activities.

There is an incredible selection of GLOBAL cutlery available on eBay. Whether you are a professional chef, or simply love cooking with high-quality products at home, GLOBAL knives are an excellent way to achieve your culinary goals.