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For many Australian women growing up in the eighties, owning an Oroton glomesh handbag, evening clutch or wallet was something to aspire to. Many are pleased to learn that the famous Glomesh bag that had its humble beginnings in Bondi, has made a comeback. If you've already raided your mother's bedroom cupboard and came back empty, don't despair, eBay has some fantastic deals on quality Glomesh accessories. 

Made from a distinctive brass mesh that reflected the lights, to produce a shimmery effect, Glomesh was the ideal evening bag. They also had shiny silver or gold clasps, satin lining, a hidden magnet to help it stay closed, and enough pockets to hold cards and other small items. They also work for today's buyer, as they are the perfect size to hold a wallet, phone and makeup, and provide a handy place to keep your transport card within easy reach. 

Glomesh gold wallets and handbags are 18 carat gold plated, but you can also choose from a more subtle rose gold, white, red or black. They've also updated their range to include phone cases made from from genuine leather and provide iPhone glass touch screen edge protection. it's the most glamorous way to keep your phone safe. 

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Browse our extensive range of quality Glomesh women's accessories and save on eBay today!