Glow Sticks & Glow Jewellery

Glow Sticks & Glow Jewellery

Stand out from any crowd with fun and stylish glow sticks and glow jewellery that will take you to the party and beyond. With so many different designs of unique, light reflecting glow jewellery, there's something for all tastes and to suit any type of gathering.

Glow bead jewellery is created from shiny, colourful beads and the range available includes everything from everyday jewellery to more sophisticated earrings or bracelets.

The more traditional glow bracelets are fun, easy to wear accessories that come in a fantastic selection of party ready neon colours to give you the glow in the dark look you're after. Glow bracelets can be worn in bulk, so you may find yourself wearing lots of different bright colours at the same time.

Synonymous with rave culture, glow sticks and glow jewellery are designed to be bright and colourful and to be shared around. Buy a selection of glow sticks, glow glasses and glow bracelets and you can all dress up like it's 1991 all over again. As long as you have your glow sticks, you will feel right at home. Choose a selection pack and you can all select your favourite colours.

Take your glow sticks and bands to a festival and blend in with everyone in the dance tent. Also useful for locating people, there is even a selection of flashing LED glow rings and bracelets that adds a certain something to any festival outfit. Some LED glow bangles are voice controlled to let you light up whenever there's noise around. These will last longer than the traditional glow stick or bracelet and many feature many settings to fit your mood.

Whether you opt for a classic glow stick or bracelet or some funky neon glasses that glow in the dark, you'll have fun partying with glow sticks.