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Over-the-Counter Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes test strips are one of the most important Over-the-Counter diabetic aids to help you manage your condition. They allow you to check sugar levels and prevent a medical emergency. When you monitor your readings with the test strips and a Over-the-Counter diabetes glucose monitors, you can prevent serious medical conditions from occurring.


There are several brands to choose from with over-the-counter diabetes test strips. Accu-chek is one well-known manufacturer of over-the-counter diabetic aids, offering test strips for diabetes patients. Another brand is Freestyle, which makes Optium test strips among other products. Abbott makes Freestyle Lite test strips.


The kind of test strips you buy will depend on which type you need. Check your blood glucose levels to ensure they aren't too high with just a stick of the finger. You can also use ketone test strips to monitor levels in your urine. Ask the doctor which you need, and then find the right product to help you monitor your diabetes.


You'll find the test strips come in packs of different quantities. Select the right quantity based on how often you test your blood, more tests will reduce the chance that an unforeseen health risk will occur. You can often save money on bulk purchases which also increases the inconvenience of having the product.

Expiration Date

When shopping for diabetes test strips, one important consideration is the expiration date. You never want to purchase a product that has already expired, and you want the expiration date to be long enough away to use all of the strips. Some strips are just a few months out while others won't expire until the next year. When purchasing larger quantities, they should last longer. The box should also be unopened with all strips sealed.