Go Kart Accessories

A kart is only as good as the go kart accessories attached to it. After all, it's a combination of accessories that may all vary in quality, so if you’re looking to build your own or improve an old one, shopping for the best accessories can make it as zippy and agile as possible. Since the old days of the soap box derby, karts have evolved significantly to provide a more exhilarating and competitive experience.


Go kart engines, while toned-down for safe kart use, can be extremely powerful for the application. For instance, some common engines are capable of 5 HP but can go up to 20 HP either with modifications or factory improvements, while extreme examples can deliver up to 15 to 48 HP. Engine designs range from two to four-stroke options and are air-cooled because of the open designs of indoor go karts. Two-stroke engines are lighter and have a greater power-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for small carts for kids. Electric engines are in a league of their own, since they can deliver instant torque and are low-maintenance, environment-friendly, and cheap to power. They have a large upfront cost, however, but the power delivery and longevity they provide may offset the cost somewhat.


A good set of go kart wheels can also alter the ride experience significantly. The type of tyres and wheels you need largely depend on the terrain you are karting on. For indoor applications, grippy wheels allow for excellent handling on tight corners, while stiffer wheels allow for kart drifting on open tracks. Off-road karting requires thick treaded tires to get ample grip on muddy, rocky, rough terrain. Buggies and ATVs also use these types of tyres.

Speed Limiters

Many kart establishments use other go kart accessories like radio-controlled speed limiters to promote a safer karting environment. These are ideal for limiting a kart’s top speed for when kids are racing, but allow for no restrictions in an all-adult racing scenario.