Go Kart Clutches


Get Complete Control Of Your Go Kart With A Quality Centrifugal Clutch

Who doesn’t love zipping around a miniature racetrack in a go-kart? Whether you are casual, want to have a bit of fun or are a full-on competitive go-kart driver, you will find plenty of parts and accessories for your go-kart here on eBay. If you are looking for a centrifugal clutch, you will find a large variety of quality go-kart clutches. There are a few known brands, such as Righetti Ridolfi, Rotax, and Yamaha to name a few, as well as several unbranded clutches.

About go kart centrifugal clutch

The weight system of a go-kart propels the engine. The higher-end centrifugal clutches engage the load at higher RPMs. Here’s what you need to know:

  • While typical engines normally run at 2000-3000 RPMs, a higher-end clutch will engage the load at much higher speeds. As the speed increases, the force will be greater than the spring force. Once the springs engage the inner surface of the drum, the rotating power from the engine is transferred to the driven shaft.
  • To avoid problems caused by an idle clutch, it is essential to read the owner's manual. It's also necessary to make sure the throttle linkage is not bent after riding the kart, which can cause the clutch to engage. The connection to the throttle is commonly damaged during transport.
  • A high-end centrifugal clutch is built from high-grade steel. Besides being durable, this clutch is also easy to install on go-karts and other smaller vehicles. Between the two, the difference is only in the style of mounting. A low-end centrifugal clutch uses a sprocket to engage, and a high-end model is equipped with a torque converter.
  • A high-end centrifugal clutch will be durable for many years and stand up to frequent use. However, a low-end clutch may not withstand regular wear and tear. In addition, a lower-end centrifugal clutch can result in overheating.

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