Go Kart Engines

Do you need to put the go, back into your go-kart with a brand new engine? Or, do you just need a few parts to get your kart back on the track? If you're a regular karter, you'll know that there are many makes and models available which can make finding the right go kart engine or component for your vehicle a little tricky.

For some speed enthusiasts, go karting is a serious hobby and they may drive superkarts that reach speeds of up to 250km per hour (no kidding!), while recreational karts are limited to lower speeds and made for the general public. When shopping for a go kart engine its important to know what your looking for, you don't want an engine that's too powerful if you're just learning or too slow if you're an experienced karter.

So, how do you choose an engine?

A standard air cooled 4-stroke industrial engine with 5hp - 20 hp is great for hobby racing and fun, perfect if you are a newer rider. These smaller engines are manufactured by Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Kohler, Robin, and Honda. If you would like a little more torque in your go kart motors, more powerful 4-stroke engines are available just look out for specially manufactured engines that offer 15hp - 48hp.

If you are serious go karter, you could consider a 2-stroke go kart engine that can range from 8hp - 90 hp. But be careful, these are powerful engines and designed for experienced riders only.

Once you have your go kart motor chosen and your kart up and running, you can chose from a wide variety of go karting accessories, like safety gear, helmets, tyres and engine parts. If you can't find the right safety wear in go karting accessories, heavy duty motor bike safety gear will work just as well.