Go Kart Steering Wheels


Steer Your Way Safely With A Strong Go Kart Steering Wheel

You won’t get far if you don’t have a steering wheel. And if you are in the competitive sport of Go-Karting, you know it is essential to have a steering wheel you can rely on and have a couple of spares just in case you end up in a compromising position and some unexpected damage occurs. On eBay you will find a great variety of Go Kart steering wheels available for you to choose from. 

Go-kart steering wheel buying guide

The first step in choosing a go-kart steering wheel is determining the size of the steering wheel. The smaller the wheel, the less manoeuvrability you will have. A larger wheel will be easier to turn and handle, but it will require more effort. A larger wheel will also be more comfortable to hold and offer better control.

If you're going to be driving the go kart, you'll want something with a comfortable grip. Typically, go-kart steering wheels are aluminium and can be as wide as ten or twelve inches. Most of these come with moulded neoprene fingertips, which will give you a cosy grip and protect your hands while driving.

It's also important to consider the size of your hand. The steering wheel should fit comfortably in your hands, and give you good grip if you’re holding it with one hand. 

Once you have a steering wheel, remember:

· Great steering takes practice, so spend as much time on the track as possible.

· Try the "quarter to three" position and don't let go as this gives you more control, and you'll be able to react faster.

· Don’t turn corners too early.

· Remember being precise is the best way to go fast. When you're turning a kart, apply the steering slowly and smoothly.

· Don’t lean towards the apex as you turn as this puts extra weight on your inside wheels.

Get comfortable and start your shopping spree now for a new Go-Kart steering wheel and spare today. You might also want to invest in a centrifugal clutch. As you shop, look for the green $ sign to save, and follow the link to redeem the available offer. If you need the steering wheel urgently, look for sellers in your local area who offer Click & Collect. Check the seller’s terms and conditions before finalising your purchase for all relevant details. Afterpay is available with certain sellers on eligible items also.