Go Kart Tyres

Go Kart Tyres

Don't let the fun stop just because of a flat, worn out or damaged tyre. Replace it and get back to the joy of go karting. On average, front tyres tend to wear out before the back ones do on Go karts. Because of this, you will probably only be looking for two new tyres instead of a set of four. If you are only looking at two, it's best to move the back ones to the front and put the newer ones on the back. What's more, if you plan on racing friends, you might want to use tyres with a larger width on the rear and a set of smaller width tyres on the front. The reason is simple; there is more weight in the back, and the larger size will give you better traction, acceleration and better cornering.

Tyre and Rim Assemblies

Are you looking to replace the tyre or do you need the entire assembly? On the most part, drivers only need to replace the tyre, not the rim but sometimes there is a need to replace the entire assembly such as a bent rim or if you want to move up in tyre size.

Tyre Size

As you start to look at go kart wheels, you'll notice several numbers and might wonder what each one means. A tyre with 10- 4.5-5 on the side means it is 10 inches in height, 4.5 inches in width and has a rim size of 5 inches. Additional examples you will see include 13 by 5.00-6, 19 by 7-8 and 11 by 6.00 by 5. One exception to this rule is the 145/70-6 tyre, which is 14.5 inches tall, 70 mm or 5 inches wide, and the rim size is 6 inches.

Types of Tyres

Depending on where you plan to ride, there are several different types of tyres for drivers to look at before picking the best for them. Those planning on spending all their time driving off-road should look at cleat, knobby and long lasting on and off-road tyres. Street or slick is a better option if you plan to drive on a paved road.