Go Kart Wheels

When it comes to go kart parts, the wheels are the most essential part. Sure, you have to have an engine to make it run, a seat to sit on, and brakes to stop, but without the tyres, all these parts won't let you go anywhere. You have to have a set of wheels to travel over the ground. A go kart is useless up on blocks, which is why the wheels are so important. Know before you buy, and you won't be disappointed once your wheels arrive. You should know the size, type, and tread you need to keep you out riding for hours and hours.

Difference between Tyres and Wheels

A lot of people don't realize there is actually a difference between go cart tyres and wheels. Generally speaking, a wheel has the rim attached, while a tyre is just the rubber part of the wheel that grips the road. That being said, most drivers use the terms interchangeably and typically it isn't a big deal. As long as you know what you are looking for and what needs replacing on your go kart, then it doesn't matter which term is used.

Wheel Measurements

Tyres are measured by width, height and the size of rim recommended. For example, a tyre with 13 by 5-6 written on the side means it is 13 inches in height, 5 inches in width and will fit a rim size of 5 inches. Often, you will find racers like to have bigger wheels on the rear due to the extra weight on the back of the go kart. However, it's up to you; some drivers like to have all four wheels the same size.

Type of Wheels

When it comes to wheels, the type of traction you have makes a huge difference in how well the go karts will drive over the terrain. Those that plan to do a lot of off-road driving should look at wheels with a knobby style tread. The more knobs you have, the better the tyre will gip into the dirt and move over it. In addition, knob tyres will aid in acceleration and help to prevent spin out. Those driving mostly on pavement should look at wheels that have a grooved style. Not only do the grooves grip the pavement but also, if you happen to be driving in wet conditions, the grooves will dissipate the water and help you stay safe.