Go racing with a go kart

For anyone with a need for speed and nerves of steel, a go-kart is a must have. Whether your kids are budding Daniel Ricciardo's, or you just fancy a bit of an adrenaline rush on the weekends, there are go-karts to suit every racing driver on eBay.

Choosing a go kart

There are lots of different go karts available so getting the right one is all about who is going to use it and in what conditions. If you're going to get out on the track then you'll want a different type of kart than if you're heading out on to the sand dunes or the grass. You'll need to carefully choose things like the seat, tyres and engine.

For example, on the race track you'll want slicker tyres to help you go as fast as possible around the smooth corners, but off-road, you'll need the increased grip from chunkier tyres. On the track, your seat can be lightweight and low down, but off-road, you'll want a bit more comfort. Engine size will be important for how fast you can go, but also how much petrol you're going to use.

Take your time

If you're just starting out in go-karting then try to avoid the temptation to jump right in at the deep end with the biggest, fastest kart you can lay your hands on.

It is well worth giving yourself a year or so as a new driver to get to know how to handle a kart, and you can build up your speed as you become more comfortable and confident with cornering, accelerating and braking. You'll soon get a good feel for how a kart handles in different conditions if you select a go-kart that suits your experience and how you're going to use it, and this is the best way to ensure that go-karting stays fast and fun for a long time.