A name synonymous with action-adventure sports and risk-taking, GoPro is still the leader in POV shoot-and-capture photography. When you want a simple waterproof camera with good video quality, then you need to invest in a GoPro. The first of its class, the GoPro HERO’s biggest feature is its price. Cheaper than the GoPro HERO3, HERO4 and HERO5, it still has exceptional video capabilities of 1080p at 30 frames per second. The camera quality sits at 5 megapixels, whichs is just right for budding videographers. It has come a long way with the addition of the screen – previously, it was a matter of blindly and intuitively knowing where to point the camera to ensure you got the best angles. Thankfully, the newer models also come with built-in Wi-Fi so you can upload onto the Cloud whenever it suits you. 

When you’re ready to upgrade to a GoPro HERO3, HERO4 or HERO5, shop online at eBay. The GoPro HERO5 lets you take incredible footage in a variety of resolutions. Record video in 4k HD at 30fps or 1080p HD at 120fps. Just a slightly cheaper option, the GoPro HERO4 has similar features. Both models have a maximum image size of 12MP, but the GoPro HERO4 allows you to adjust your size. It really is a matter of preference and whether you have the funds to upgrade to the latest model.

If you are looking for a portable and HD video camera with a no-fuss shooting experience, GoPro HERO is your first choice. View the range of GoPro HERO cameras on eBay today and shop online to bid auction-style or buy outright. You can even choose from brand new cameras or second-hand – the option is entirely yours!