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Gold Ancient Coins

Mankind’s fascination with gold can be traced back to the beginning of time. The ancient Romans, Greeks and Spaniards all used gold coins as a form of currency, and this has led to an ongoing pursuit of rare coins by history and archeology fans around the globe.

Ancient Gold Coins in Asia Minor

Archeologists have determined that some of the earliest gold coins to be found were at Asia Minor in the 600’s BC. The Persian Empire produced currency “darics”, a gold coin which is incredibly rare today. The North Africans of Carthage also produced gold coins, as did the ancient Phoenicians, who typically mixed their gold with silver.

Ancient Gold Coins in Europe

Although gold was available in ancient Europe, the Greeks and the Romans traditionally preferred to make their coins from silver. Julius Caesar was responsible for making the circulation of the gold “aureus” coin common amongst the people of that time, which may explain why European gold ancient coins have been found by archeologists across the ancient Roman Empire.

Ancient Gold Coins in the New World

Throughout the Middle Ages, gold coins continued to be a common form of currency throughout the then known world. This trend crossed oceans when the Spanish built a mint in Mexico City where it’s reported to be the location of the first gold coins in America during the 1530’s, although a later ban by the Spanish King meant that relatively few gold coins were created there until the 1600’s.

Rare Collector’s Items

Today, the fascination with gold ancient coins continues, making any pieces a rare and coveted collectors items. Because most ancient coins were handmade, they are all different in some way, making every piece unique.