Gold Australian Coins

Add to your ever-growing coin collection with unique and highly valuable gold coins from throughout Australias minting history. From commemorative coins to special editions and uncirculated coins, there is a huge variety of gold Australian decimal coins, as well as special coin and stamp sets for serious collectors. Or, hearken back to the pre-decimal years with shillings, pennies, threepence, and florins, together with early 20th century gold sovereigns.

Commemorative Gold Coins

Pause to remember Australias fallen Anzacs with commemorative gold coins produced by the Royal Australian Mint and available in fine, uncirculated condition. Or, select a commemorative coin set, including Remembrance, Queens Coronation, Anzac, and Gold Poppy coins, each of which has been carefully showcased in quadrum holders.

Australian Gold Bullion Coins

Issued as Australian legal tender and struck by the Perth Mint from 99.99 per cent pure gold, Australian gold bullion coins are the ultimate addition to a gold bullion collection. They feature recognisable wildlife symbols of Australia, such as red kangaroos and koalas, creating a collectors item that is uniquely Australian, and each comes presented in a protective acrylic capsule.

Australian Pre-Decimal Coins

Take a step back in history by collecting rare and valuable gold Australian pre-decimal coins, which are available in many grades. Australia started minting its first uniform currency in 1910 with silver coins, threepence, sixpence, shillings, and florins, followed by the minting of halfpennies and pennies in 1911. Gold sovereigns that were issued from 1902 to 1910 for Edward VII are also highly prized amongst collectors.

Gold-Plated Coins

Celebrate 50 years of the Royal Australian Mint with its gold-plated 50 cent coin, which was struck in 2015. The classic silver 50 cent coin has been given a golden touch to commemorate more than 15 billion coins having been circulated since the Royal Australian Mint officially opened on 22 February 1965. The 50 cent coins 12-sided design is the only one of its kind and size in the Southern Hemisphere, making it the Royal Australian Mints signature coin.