Gold Australian Decimal Coins

Collecting coins is a popular hobby around the world. For Australian coin collectors, there is no more natural choice than collecting Australian coins made from valuable precious metals.

Why Do People Collect Gold Australian Decimal Coins?

There are a few different reasons why people might like to collect Australian gold coins. Some collectors see gold coins as an investment while others look for great designs or unique historic significance.

  • Gold is often seen as a very stable and inflation-resistant investment. The relatively low amount of gold in a gold coin compared to a gold bar makes them easier to trade. The Gold Kangaroo and many other Australian gold bullion coins are made from 99.99 per cent pure gold.
  • Unlike many bullion coins from other countries, the Australian Gold Kangaroo's design changes every year, making it an attractive choice for collectors.
  • Australian bullion coins are struck to very high standards using an attractive two-tone design with mirror-polished details set against a frosted background, making them a great example of numismatic art. Designs like the Gold Kangaroo are issued in individual protective plastic cases so they will keep their lustre for longer.

Which Gold Decimal Coins Can I Choose From?

Australia decimalised its currency in 1966, adopting the new Australian dollar in place of the pre-decimal Australian pound. Since then, Australia has regularly issued new gold coins.

  • Australia's most popular decimal gold coin is the Australian Gold Kangaroo, first issued in 1989 and also sometimes called the Gold Nugget. Several different weights of the Gold Kangaroo have been issued, ranging from 1.4 grams to a full kilo of gold. The kilogram coin is one of the largest bullion coins ever produced, although the Perth Mint beat it in 2011 when they made a unique Gold Kangaroo coin weighing one tonne.
  • The Australian mint has also released limited edition gold coins with designs reflecting different themes. These are often based on Australian history, like the Armistice Centenary gold coin which commemorates 100 years since the end of the First World War.

What Other Collectable Australian Coins Exist?

Gold Australian decimal coins are not the only ones of interest to collectors. Australia has issued many different types of coins during its history.

  • As well as their gold bullion coins, the Royal Australian Mint also produces commemorative and collectable Australian coins made from non-precious metals. While these don't have the same inherent material value as gold coins, their designs and uncirculated or proof striking standards make them popular with collectors.
  • Gold Australian pre-decimal coins date from before decimalisation in 1966. The sovereign and half-sovereign are still widely collected today, although they are less accessible than decimal gold coins as they have been out of production for so long.