Gold Plated Cutlery Sets

Gold Plated Complete Cutlery Sets

If you’re looking for an upscale, classy table setting, look for gold accents that bring a dramatic flair to the table. Gold plated cutlery sets are smart way to add a sense of tradition to an already distinguished dining presentation. These sets can vary in style from modern, simplistic designs to traditional filigree work reminiscent of the Victorian era. There are a few important items to keep in mind when looking for gold plated cutlery sets including their care and cleaning requirements. Gold plated cutlery does not need go in the dishwasher, rather it should be hand washed. Unlike sterling silver flatware, do not polish gold plated cutlery, as it could impact the luster it has. Washing should be gentle with a soft cloth. Storage can be almost anywhere as this type of flatware is very corrosion resistant.

Silver Plated Complete Cutlery Sets

Silver plated cutlery sets are another option to add to your dining table if you don’t prefer the yellow gold. These will always be classic in taste and style no matter their design. Like gold plated cutlery sets, these also span a wide range of design styles from modern and contemporary to more intricately detailed designs. Silver plated cutlery sets have a thin layer of silver over other metals like brass, copper or nickel. This keeps the cost down, but still gives you the silver sheen you may be looking for. Silver plated cutlery can tarnish so it is incredibly important to consistently polish your flatware as well as store it with anti-tarnishing material to reduce the effects of humidity. Wash silver plated sets with a mild soap and warm water. A soft rag is important, too, in order to keep the luster of the silver.

Stainless Steel Complete Cutlery Sets

Stainless steel cutlery sets are an excellent investment in flatware that is durable and will last a lifetime. The styles available in stainless steel vary as they do for gold and silver plated cutlery. Stainless steel cutlery uses chromium and nickel. It should always have 18 percent chromium; however, the percentage of nickel found can vary. Chromium gives the flatware hardness and rust resistant properties. Nickel also provides corrosion resistance as well as the silver sheen. The higher the nickel content, the more rust resistant and shinier your flatware is. Common numbers found in stainless steel flatware include 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0. Avoid washing stainless steel cutlery in a dishwasher. Natural cleaning products work best to keep the shine and rust at bay, along with a soft cleaning cloth.