Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors

Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors

Gold prospecting has advanced greatly since its original days of sifting with a pan, and one of the biggest innovations to this activity is the invention of gold prospecting metal detectors. Thanks to these metal detectors, gold prospecting is now a hobby that the everyday person can enjoy, and with the right tool, it can be a source of adventure that allows you to search for gold in your own backyard.

Different Modes

Gold prospecting ground search detectors come with pre-programmed modes that allow you to search for different things. These modes cause the detector to change the digital processing within so they can pick up gold in different environments like sand, deep ground, and soil, and you can do this with the push of a button.

Waterproof Metal Detectors

If you want to transition from land to water in your search for gold, a waterproof metal detector for gold prospecting is a must have. These can be fully submerged in up to a few metres of water, depending on the brand, and they are ideal for searching riverbeds and shorelines. A waterproof gold prospecting metal detector has the option to change coils to something suitable for water, whereas others feature just one coil that can do both.

Frequency and Sensitivity

You can measure all gold prospecting metal detectors are in terms of their frequency and sensitivity. Usually, the lower a frequency in a detector, the deeper it can penetrate the ground; however, there is the chance it can be more conducive to other materials, and so something with a higher frequency is best for gold detecting. You can determine the sensitivity of a detector by its coil size and how far down it can detect in terms of metres.

Additional Features

Every gold prospecting metal detector is unique, so it just depends on the features you find important. Some additional features available on these detectors include LCD display, sound and alarm systems, iron reject sensors, and depth indicators. These detectors range from very basic to quite advanced, so look for features that suit your surrounding environment and where you plan on searching for gold.

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