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Goldfish Food

Goldfish are fun and entertaining pets. They are very colourful and can grow to impressive sizes. Having a nutritious goldfish food that your fish like is one of the most important aspects of goldfish care. There are many different types of fish food available, so you can find some that work well for your specific goldfish pets.

Goldfish Pellet Food

Goldfish pellet food works well for medium-sized and larger goldfish. The pellets are larger pieces than other types of fish food, which means bigger fish can eat fewer pellets and get all of the nutrients they need. It's important to note that some goldfish prefer to eat from the bottom of the tank while others like to eat from the surface. There are floating and sinking pellets available, so you can accommodate either type of fish.

Goldfish Flake Food

Goldfish flake food is one of the most common types of fish food. These flakes are ideal for any sized goldfish. They typically float on the surface, so they are perfect for surface feeders. Most goldfish flakes feature bright colours that attract your fish to the food. This type of food typically includes a blend of proteins to provide complete nutrition for your fish.

Goldfish Stick Food

Many goldfish like goldfish stick food because the stick shape somewhat resembles worms or larvae, which is something that these fish eat in their natural habitat. This type of goldfish food usually starts out floating on the surface of the water and then it falls to the bottom after a few minutes.

Goldfish Granule Food

Goldfish granule food is great for small and medium-sized goldfish. The small pieces easily fit into a goldfish’s mouth. This food is ideal for bottom-feeding fish, because the majority of the granules sink to the bottom of the tank right away. Most granule fish food features protein from more than one source to help ensure a balanced diet.