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If you're tired of dry, lifeless or limp-looking hair, give it a lift with the Goldwell range of hair care products. Goldwell has everything you need for stunning-looking hair from rich long-lasting colours to nourishing shampoos and conditioners that protect your hair from daily stress and leave it shiny, smooth and silky. 

Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Shampoo and conditioner are formulated with pashmina silk proteins for the treatment of dry, damaged and stressed hair with micro fluids for even distribution, and has a delicious sandalwood, jasmine and cedar scent. Looking for deeper treatment? The inner effect shampoo, conditioner and treatment deliver the most regeneration for lasting treatment of long, colour treated or distressed hair. Got unruly or curly hair? Try Goldwell's keratin treatment range and have your hair looking smooth in no time. 

Looking to add some colour. Take some inspiration from the fantastic variety of rich colours on offer from the Goldwell colour range. From long-lasting permanent colour to semi-permanents and toners, Goldwell's ammonia-free colour range allows you to choose from a rich reds, cool blondes, warm browns or even some more fun colours like bright pink. And it doesn't just colour the hair, it protects and nourishes it as well. 

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