Golf Accessories

Golf perhaps isn’t the cheapest of sports to take up. Simply buying golf clubs can mean shelling out hundreds of dollars, never mind all the other essentials such as golf buggies, golf bags and golf balls. On top of that there is golf clothing and golf club membership, which never tend to be cheap. Think that’s the lot? Nope. There are plenty more golf accessories to invest in. But really, for those who think of golf as their passion, it isn’t about the money. It’s about the love of the game.   So, what kind of accessories are on offer? One of the most important accessories to invest in when playing golf is the golf umbrella. Providing protection from both the beating sun and the unforgiving rain, golf umbrellas are a must-have for any golfer. For those hotter days, golf towels are another handy item to have in the golf bag. These can be personalised to make great gifts for avid golfers. Looking to protect those expensive clubs? Golf club head covers can help to keep exposed club heads well protected, while golf bag tags can let everyone know who that bag belongs to. To keep those clubs in tip-top condition, golf club groove sharpeners can be extremely handy.

Investing in the Essentials

But what about the game itself? There are plenty of golf accessories that can come in handy while playing a round. Golf ball pick-ups and retrievers can help save sore backs and squeaky knees, while golf spikes can offer much-needed traction on soft grass. Embarrassing divots? Golf divot tools can help restore divots so that no one would ever know they were there. Want to keep score? Check out golf scorecards and holders and golf stroke counters to keep accurate track of the score. Looking for the long shot? When teeing off, try golf rangefinders and scopes to measure the distance and gauge the shot needed to hit it.   Love golf? Pick up all the essential golf accessories at eBay, home to big brands such as Callaway, Fujikura, TaylorMade and Team Effort. Check out new and used options in a vast range of styles, with convenient local pick-up or easy home delivery.