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Golf Club Bags

Golf club bags are important items for hauling clubs and accessories on the golf course. They store essential items, such as tees, rain coats, and other items. When looking for the perfect golf bag, you'll be interested in comparing the types, materials, and features of bags to narrow down the choices. Also, consider purchasing other equipment to keep you at the top of your game.

Glob Clubs and Equipment

Everyone has a favourite brand of golf ball they like to use, whether it's Nike, Callaway, or another brand. Keep plenty of balls on hand for swings that deliver them to unexpected places. Covers protect iron heads as they bang together between fairways. Should you lose a golf cleat for your shoes, keep spare ones in your bag. You'll need gloves designed to keep your hands cool in order to grip the glove for better swings.

Bag Types

If you prefer riding over walking, there are cart golf club bags that strap on and take up less space. Staff bags are considered top-of-the-line equipment because they are made from high-grade materials. When you prefer your bag by your side, choose a stand golf club bag with retractable legs. Its light weight makes it easy to carry with you when walking the course.


Hard-wearing materials are vital to creating durable golf bags. Yours needs to stand up under the elements, whether you encounter a scorching sun or a downpour. Canvas and leather, for instance, can take the constant pressure of the weight of the clubs as well as bumps and falls. Nylon and polyester bags also hold up well when exposed to harsh weather and day-to-day use.


The features you choose could contribute to a better golf score. Bags with dividers keep your clubs segregated for easy identification and selection in the heat of the game. Waterproof pockets keep items free from moisture and may include a specific water bottle pouch. For ease of use when walking, dual strap systems distribute the weight of the bag evenly across your shoulders. Another feature that helps take the stress off your back is a lumbar pad.