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Golf Buggies and Trolleys with Remote Control

Remote controlled golf trolleys allow golfers to focus their mind and energy on the upcoming shot, rather than carrying or pushing along a hefty golf bag. The technology in golf accessories has come so far that there is no need to be so complacent with some of the older types of buggies you may still rely on.

Battery Power

Perhaps golfers using push carts still do not quite appreciate the development in battery power over the years that has enabled the use of motorised golf buggies in a seamless manner. Gone are the days of worrying if your remote-controlled golf trolley runs out of power at a critical stage during a round. It is commonplace for motorised buggies to use lithium batteries that easily last 18 holes, with some of the product range enabling for use lasting from 27 to 36 holes.


There is no doubt that the ability to store your golf buggy in a confined space in an efficient manner is a key feature for every golfer. It's fortunate that many of the motorised options also tick the box as far as collapsible golf buggies are concerned. There is no need to be worried that manufacturers of motorised buggies have neglected this area, and you can expect to find clever fold up features in the modern golf trolley product range.


Another concern some golfers may have in going with a remote-controlled golf trolley may be doubt as to how they may handle the more challenging golf courses. Since a major selling point of the buggies are the physical energy savings a golfer can experience compared with the manual approach, the manufacturers have made motor capacity a prime focus. There should be no concerns with navigating the hillier courses.


There is no need to fear of any complexity in operating a remote-controlled golf trolley. If you can handle some simple directional buttons on a remote with some speed variations, you should be fine. Don't forget if you still have any concern, there is an emergency stop button, and you can always go back to manual mode if you want to go back to the old-fashioned method.

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