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Golf Cart Wheels and Tyres

Golf carts are versatile vehicles that people generally use on the golf course, but they are also suitable for homeowners with large properties as a quick means of transportation. However, because they are not as popular as cars and motorcycles, finding the right wheels and tyres for them may be a bit confusing. To purchase the correct ones for your golf cart, make sure you know the type your cart needs as well as the brand recommended by the manufacturer.


The type of golf cart tyres you need is the most important factor. There are three main types: all-terrain, off-road and turf/street tyres. Not all of these work with all golf carts, and some of them may be directional, which means that you need to install them facing a specific direction to suit the design of the tread pattern. All-terrain tyres have a medium tread and suit those who usually find themselves driving their cart off-road and on the streets as well. As their name suggests, off-road golf cart tyres are suitable for driving through off-road terrains, such as mud and sand, as well as heavily wooded areas. These tyres have a deep tread and resemble ATV tyres. Finally, turf/street tyres generally come as a standard on most golf carts, and they are especially designed to protect the sensitive surface of the golf course turf.

Parts and Accessories

Besides tyres, you may also need other accessories and parts to maintain or update your golf cart. Golf cart chargers make it easy to recharge your golf cart batteries simply by plugging it into the cart. Multiple versions of chargers are available, and many of them come complete with golf cart cables, so you can take the charger out of the box and plug it in immediately. Other golf cart parts and accessories you may need for your cart include golf cart lights and tune-up kits.

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