Golf Club Components

People often talk about buying a new golf bag, splashing out on a new driver or upgrading their putter to something a bit more professional. But many people don't realise they can improve their game and extend the life of their existing clubs by simply rejuvenating or replacing various golf club components.

Golf Club Shafts

Golf club shafts have a lot to do with your overall performance on the golf course. The last few years have seen some big improvements in shaft design and materials, which means that they can be more tolerant of a "bad" shot - instead of spraying off sideways into the water. Golf club shafts are also prone to snapping under serious stress or with strenuous use. But whether you are in need of a repair or just looking to upgrade your irons to the latest technology, replacing just the club shaft instead of the whole club can save you a lot of money.

Golf Club Grips

Did you know experts recommend you replace your golf club grips at least once every 12 months. Players that prefer not to use a glove when they play will probably notice that their golf club grips wear out faster than their fellow golfers who do play with a glove.

Other Golf Club Components

If you are looking to upgrade your existing golf clubs DIY style then you will likely need some other golf club components such as ferrules (for most golf irons and some woods) or customised screw and washer kits which can be purchased to suit your existing brand of club.