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Golf Club Grips

Golf Club Grips

Golfers with a high handicap use every available accessory to improve their swing. In particular, golf club grips absorb moisture on a hot day so your swing nor your score is affected. By choosing grips in the proper size, type, and material youre on your way to a better game or even a hole in one. Check out the inventory of golf club accessories so your game just keeps improving.


Using the wrong size grip can mean the difference between scoring a birdie or eagle. Since grip size has nothing to do with your hand size and everything to do with your swing, start out using standard golf club grips and experiment with how the club feels in your hand and your game performance. If a standard size doesnt do the trick, try using midsize golf club grips as well as undersized and oversized grips to find the one to make your best shots. Larger grips tend to affect wrist movements, while smaller ones contribute to too much hand action.


Ribbed grips have a lengthwise ridge that players use to place their fingers and hands on the golf clubs. Having this grip installed on your clubs can build player confidence because you dont think about where to grab the club. Likewise, putter grips have a flat edge that serves as a guide for your thumbs with less texture as compared to grips for irons and woods. Additionally, some players prefer a larger grip called a jumbo, which reduces grip pressure and helps the ball travel straighter.


Most golfers replace their grips after every 40 rounds of golf and therefore choose durable products that hold up to constant wear and tear. Grips made from rubber are tough wearing and lessen vibration so a golfers swing doesnt suffer. When slipping is a problem, consider using cord weave gloves that endure humid and wet conditions or thermoplastic grips that are soft and have a tacky feel.

Golf Club Grip Accessories

When installing grips, use a grip gauge to place the former in the proper position and a gripping tool to reduce installation time and cut down on tearing the material. When you set aside time to put on new grips, make sure you have a utility knife on hand to remove the old ones.

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