There’s not many things that beat a day on the green, so when you want to get together with your friends for eighteen holes, a game of golf is your therapy. Not only can it relieve stress, but you can enjoy great views and fresh air, all while getting a bit of sun.  No longer a game just reserved for exclusive Country Club members, golf is becoming even more popular as it is easy and fun to play but hard to master.  Regardless of your handicap, golf can be played by just about anyone. Whether this is your first time taking up the sport or if you are a veteran, you will understand the importance of the right golf clubs and equipment.  

Types of golf clubs  

A golf club is the first basic piece of equipment that you will need in order to play. There are many different types of golf clubs, so finding the right one for your level of experience is essential.  Wood clubs: Designed to give the ball a great distance towards the hole, wood clubs have a large head and a long shaft. Even though most ‘woods’ are now made from metals such as carbon fibre, titanium or scandium, the name refers to the general shape and their use on the golf course.  Iron clubs: Featuring an all-metal head and a flat-angled face, iron clubs are designed for a variety of shots from all around the course. Originally made from forged iron, modern styles are made from steel alloys, which make the club easier to hit and provides better distance.  Wedge clubs: A sub-class of irons, a wedge club has wide soles and high-mass club heads that provide use in tricky lies. Wedges are used for short distance, high-altitude and accurate utility shots.  There are also hybrid clubs, putters and chippers.  Don’t be a hack – shop online on eBay for high quality golf equipment, including golf clubs, golf club bags and much more at great prices. Perfect your arm swing while you leave the rest up to your golf equipment.