Golf Club Groove Sharpeners

When your old golf clubs seem tired and worn out, bring them back to life by sharpening and cleaning the club grooves. Not only do your clubs look newer, but the extra maintenance may help your swing. There are different types of sharpeners to accommodate a wide range of clubs in materials that make them an advantageous accessory. Don't forget to check out other golf club accessories so you'll have more time to work on your game.


Sharpeners are available for V-type and U-type groove golf heads. Some manufacturers may include a quantity of each type within the package so you'll have both in case you change to different golf clubs. Furthermore, they're specifically designed to clean out the grooves, yet are gentle enough to keep your clubs damage-free.


Manufacturers use high-grade heat treated steel that measures between 60 to 65 on the Rockwell hardness scale. By using high-quality materials, the sharpeners won't break under pressure and the USGA approved tolerances for groove widths and depths means you can safely use the golf accessory. Most tools contain an aluminium handle with a non-slip grip for ease of use.


Sharpeners can be used on irons, wedges, putters and hybrid utility clubs to extend their life and reshape bent metal. By regrooving your clubs, backspin may improve and you may gain more control over the ball. Additionally, your score may improve because your clubs perform better after sharpening and cleaning.

Other Golf Club Accessories

Golf accessories such as golf club head covers keep dirt and other debris from accumulating in the club head. Each cover includes the appropriate number on the surface to fit specific clubs including right and left-handed examples. Another useful accessory are golf bag tags available in brass, moulded plastic, and other materials you can customise with a logo, name, or other images and texts. Look through the inventory of golf accessories to find must-have items to put in your golf bag and cart you'll use every golf day.