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Take a swing on golf mats

If you're looking to work on your golf swing and get your general all-round game up to scratch, then there are hundreds of specialised golf mat options here on eBay. Golf mats are designed to help your game and improve your overall performance.

Whether you're a novice on the greens or fancy yourself as the next Adam Scott this array of golf mats may help uncover the next Australian to grace the PGA tour.

Types of golf mat

Brush up on your short game or refine your backswing with a versatile golf mat that can used both indoors and outdoors. Ready to buy in all shapes and sizes, you'll find a wide range of golf mats that go from basic material through to driving range quality, which means prices may vary a little depending on what you need.

If you need to work on your long game, there are golf mats made of premium nylon turf that simulate being out on the fairway, so you can practice everything from your driving to your chipping.

Most of these type of golf mats can be rolled up when finished with for easy storage too.

If you're spending too much time on the green, then eBay has an excellent choice of specialised putting golf mats, so you can master those monster putts the next time you head out for a round.

Put your putter to the test on a range of up to 9 feet with some golf mats. You'll find many of these putting mats include a special gravity ball return, so the ball comes right back to you, allowing you to enjoy continuous putting practice.

Benefits of a golf mat

Golf mats are a fantastic, affordable way for you to keep up to par with your golf buddies. They allow you to practice at a rate that suits you, in the comfort of your own home or back garden. And with such a variety of golf mats available, you can fine tune all aspects of your game, from using irons to woods and chipping to putting, all without having to break the bank.